The DataFieldDescriptor type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDataUrlProfile
Describe how this field should be part of a URL
Public propertyDefaultValue
Default value for the field, to be used for the physical store. See also NewInstanceDefaultFieldValue
Public propertyForeignKeyReferenceTypeName
Specify the TypeManager type name for the type this field references. Null if this is not a reference field.
Public propertyFormRenderingProfile
Describe how this field should be edited in a form view
Public propertyGroupByPriority
For grouping (ex. tree views), the priority of this field, relative to other fields. Lowest number gets grouped first. 0 means no grouping on this field.
Public propertyId
Permanent unique id for the field. This should never change.
Public propertyInherited
True when this field is inherited from a super interface.
Public propertyInstanceType
The CLR type of the field.
Public propertyIsNullable
True when this field can be NULL
Public propertyIsReadOnly
True when data in this field can not be changed.
Public propertyName
Programmatic name of the field.
Public propertyNewInstanceDefaultFieldValue
Default value to set on new instances of this field.
Public propertyPosition
Position, relative to other fields.
Public propertySearchProfile
Describe whether the field should be a part of search index.
Public propertyStoreType
Describe how this field should be sored physically.
Public propertyTreeOrderingProfile
Describe how this field should influence ordering of items in a tree view
Public propertyValidationFunctionMarkup
Function markup that can deliver validators for this field. They will execute and validate if values set on this field is valid.

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