The PackageLicenseDefinition type exposes the following members.


Public propertyExpires
If its a trail license this property contains the date when the pacakge experies in UTC.
Public propertyInstallationId
The id of the C1 installation where the package was installed.
Public propertyLicenseFileName
The local path of the license file. A serialized version of this class.
Public propertyLicenseKey
A RSA signed license key. This is used to verify that the license file has not been tampered with.
Public propertyLicenseKeyBytes
The LicenseKey serizlied to byte array.
Public propertyPermanent
False if the license is a trail license. True if its a permanent license.
Public propertyProductId
The id of the pacakge.
Public propertyProductName
The name of the package.
Public propertyPurchaseUrl
Url to where to buy a license for the pacakge.

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