The C1DirectoryInfo type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAttributes
File attributes of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..Attributes.)
Public propertyCreationTime
The creation time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..CreationTime.)
Public propertyCreationTimeUtc
The creation utc time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..CreationTimeUtc.)
Public propertyExists
Tells if the directory exists or not.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..Exists.)
Public propertyExtension
The extension of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..Extension.)
Public propertyFullName
Full path of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..FullName.)
Public propertyLastAccessTime
Last access time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..LastAccessTime.)
Public propertyLastAccessTimeUtc
Last access utc time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..LastAccessTimeUtc.)
Public propertyLastWriteTime
Last write time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..LastWriteTime.)
Public propertyLastWriteTimeUtc
Last write utc time of the directory.
(Overrides C1FileSystemInfo..::..LastWriteTimeUtc.)
Public propertyName
The name of the directory.
Public propertyParent
The parent directory of the directory.
Public propertyRoot
The root directory of the directory.

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