The ActionVisualizedData type exposes the following members.


Public propertyActionCheckedStatus
Controls if a check box should be shown next to the action command, and if this checkbox is checked.
Public propertyActionLocation
Where the action should show up, relative to other actions.
Public propertyActivePositions
Where the action should be shown - when elements are shown in a selection tree (as opposed to the normal navigation tree) some actions may be desired. Default is

Field Value

ElementActionActivePosition.NavigatorTree only.
Public propertyBulkExecutionDialog
The string to be shown in a confirm dialog when executing the action for multiple elements.
Public propertyDisabled
When disabled, the action will be shown but grayed out and cannot be invoked.
Public propertyIcon
The action's icon
Public propertyLabel
Label of the action
Public propertyToolTip
The action's tool tip

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