Public classDocumentField
Defines a custom field in a search document.
Public classDocumentFieldFacet
Contains information about the facet.
Public classDocumentFieldPreview
Constains information how a data field is preserved and shown in search results.
Public classDocumentWithContinuationToken
Represents a tuple of a document and a continuation token
Public classFacet
Information about a search facet.
Public classSearchDocument
Represents a console document to be indexed and searched for.
Public classSearchFacade
Console search functionality
Public classSearchQuery
A search query.
Public classSearchQueryHighlightSettings
Search query hightlight settings.
Public classSearchQuerySelection
Allows filtering search results by defining the needed facet values.
Public classSearchQuerySortOption
Represents a sort option for the a search query.
Public classSearchResult
Search result.
Public classSearchResultItem
Represents a search result item, which consists of the document as well as highlighted matched terms.


Public interfaceIDocumentSourceListener
Listener to the Composite.Search.DocumentSources changes.
Public interfaceISearchDocumentSource
Represents a search document source (f.e. cms pages, media, etc.)
Public interfaceISearchDocumentSourceProvider
Provides an enumeration of ISearchDocumentSource.
Public interfaceISearchIndexUpdater
An interface for updating a search index.
Public interfaceISearchProvider
A search provider.


Public enumerationFacetSorting
Defines a type of a facet field.
Public enumerationFacetType
Defines a type of a facet field.
Public enumerationSearchQuerySelectionOperation
Defines how multiple selected values should be resolved (should all or them much the document or any)
Public enumerationSortTermsAs
Defines a sorting methods for the search results