Public classDataUrls
Building/parsing data urls, and registering IDataUrlMapper objects.
Public classInternalUrls
Allows setting custom urls conversions.
Public classMediaUrlData
Information stored in a media url
Public classMediaUrls
Responsible for parsing and building media urls
Public classPageUrlData
Information stored in a C1 CMS page url
Public classPageUrls
Responsible for parsing and building page urls
Public classRoutes
Allows adding custom routes with a priority in relation to defined by CompositeC1 routes.
Public classUrlSpace
Allows producing different urls for different hostnames, also to forcibly produce relative urls when needed (f.e. browsing in a console, where an iframe source has to point to the same hostname).


Public interfaceIDataUrlMapper
Provides a link between a data item and a url
Public interfaceIInternalUrlConverter
An interface for internal url transformation.
Public interfaceIInternalUrlProvider
Providers internal urls for data references.
Public interfaceIMediaUrlProvider
An interface for providing media urls for a given media id.
Public interfaceIResizableImageUrlProvider
An interface for providing media urls for a given media id.


Public delegateRoutes..::..RouteRegistration
Handles route registration


Public enumerationUrlKind
Url kind