Public classPageContentToRender
Describe the page and content desired to be rendered.
Public classPageTemplateDescriptor
Describes a page layout to the C1 CMS core so it may set up editing UI
Public classPageTemplateEntityToken
Entity token of a page template
Public classPageTemplateFacade
Facade for accessing page templates
Public classPlaceholderAttribute
Defines a placeholder property
Public classPlaceholderDescriptor
Describe a placeholder on a page template.
Public classSharedFile
Contains information about a code file shared between page template.
Public classTemplateDefinitionHelper
Helper class for working with page template definitions based on IPageTemplate


Public interfaceIPageRenderer
This class is responsible for rendering the provided job onto the provided web forms page. The AttachToPage method is called at page construction and is expected to hook on to page events (like PreInit) to drive the rendering.
Public interfaceIPageTemplate
Basic interface for classes that represent a page template
Public interfaceIPageTemplateProvider
Defines page template provider
Public interfaceISharedCodePageTemplateProvider
Represents a page template provider with shared code files