The InternalUrls type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberConvertInternalUrlsToPublic
Converts internal urls to public ones in a given html fragment
Public methodStatic memberDataTypeSupported
Indicates whether internal urls can be generated for the specified data type.
Public methodStatic memberRegister(IInternalUrlConverter)
Registers an internal url converter.
Public methodStatic memberRegister(Type, IInternalUrlProvider)
Register an internal url provider.
Public methodStatic memberTryBuildInternalUrl
Gets an internal url for the specified data reference.
Public methodStatic memberTryConvertInternalUrlToPublic
Tries to convert an internal url to a public one, returns the original value if failed.
Public methodStatic memberTryParseInternalUrl
Tries to parse an internal url, returns a

Field Value

null if failed.

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