The PackageLicenseHelper type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberCreateSignatureBytes
This method returns a byte representation of the signatureString. Here is an example of how to create an signature string:


string signatureString;
if (isPermanent)
    signatureString = string.Format("{0}#{1}#{2}", installationId, productId, isPermanent);
    signatureString = string.Format("{0}#{1}#{2}#{3}", installationId, productId, isPermanent, new XAttribute("date", expiresTime).Value);
Public methodStatic memberCreateSignatureHashAlgorithm
This method returns a hash algorithm that can be used when validateting a package license definition.
Public methodStatic memberGetLicenseDefinition
This method returns a license defintion for the given pacakge id
Public methodStatic memberRemoveLicenseDefintion
Removes a license definition given the pacakge id
Public methodStatic memberStoreLicenseDefinition
Stores the given license defintion.

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