The C1StreamReader type exposes the following members.


Public methodClose
Closes the stream.
(Overrides TextReader..::..Close()()()().)
Protected methodDispose
Disposes the stream.
(Overrides TextReader..::..Dispose(Boolean).)
Protected methodFinalize
(Overrides Object..::..Finalize()()()().)
Public methodPeek
Peeks the current byte.
(Overrides TextReader..::..Peek()()()().)
Public methodRead()()()()
Reads a byte from the stream.
(Overrides TextReader..::..Read()()()().)
Public methodRead(array<Char>[]()[][], Int32, Int32)
Reads a block from the file.
(Overrides TextReader..::..Read(array<Char>[]()[][], Int32, Int32).)
Public methodReadBlock
Reads a block from the file.
(Overrides TextReader..::..ReadBlock(array<Char>[]()[][], Int32, Int32).)
Public methodReadLine
Read a line from the file.
(Overrides TextReader..::..ReadLine()()()().)
Public methodReadToEnd
Read all the content of the file into a strng.
(Overrides TextReader..::..ReadToEnd()()()().)

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