Fire the event that signals that data in an external store has changed.

Namespace: Composite.Data
Assembly: Composite (in Composite.dll) Version: 6.1.6325.31818


public static void FireExternalStoreChangeEvent(
	PublicationScope publicationScope,
	CultureInfo locale
Visual Basic
Public Shared Sub FireExternalStoreChangeEvent ( _
	publicationScope As PublicationScope, _
	locale As CultureInfo _
Visual C++
static void FireExternalStoreChangeEvent(
	PublicationScope publicationScope, 
	CultureInfo^ locale


Type: Composite.Data..::..PublicationScope

[Missing <param name="publicationScope"/> documentation for "M:Composite.Data.DataEvents`1.FireExternalStoreChangeEvent(Composite.Data.PublicationScope,System.Globalization.CultureInfo)"]

Type: System.Globalization..::..CultureInfo

[Missing <param name="locale"/> documentation for "M:Composite.Data.DataEvents`1.FireExternalStoreChangeEvent(Composite.Data.PublicationScope,System.Globalization.CultureInfo)"]


You should NOT fire this event if you do data changes through the C1 CMS data API since events will already be handled for you in this case. Use this method if you are responsible for flushing cached data originating from a store not fully managed by the local website process. This could be data stored in a central database, where updates happened on another webserver and you wish to signal update events to other webservers running in a farm. This could also be a situation where you have a custom data provider reading data from some 3rd party system or data store. Calling this event will result in cache invalidation on all data of this particular type. Handlers listening to the OnStoreChanged event will be called with a StoreEventArgs instance indicating that data events has not been fired. This signals that detail cache management is not possible and a complete cache flush is required on structures depending on this data type.


void MyMethod()
   DataEvents<IMyDataType>.FireExternalStoreChangeEvent(PublicationScope.Published, new CultureInfo("da-DK"));

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