The DocumentFieldNames type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberAncestors
The name of the facet field that contains the hashes of all ancestor's and current entity tokens.
Public fieldStatic memberConsoleAccess
The name of the facet field that contains the list of users and user groups that have access to the current document.
Public fieldStatic memberDataType
The name of the data type field.
Public fieldStatic memberDescription
The name of the description field.
Public fieldStatic memberHasUrl
The name of the boolean facet field that indicates whether the document has a url.
Public fieldStatic memberLabel
The name of the label field.
Public fieldStatic memberLastUpdated
The name of the creation time field.
Public fieldStatic memberSource
The name of the source field. The source field contains a name of the document source that created the search document. It is used both for updating documents for a given source as well as filtering search result columns.

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