The SearchQuery type exposes the following members.


Public methodSearchQuery
Constructs a search query.


Public methodAddFieldFacet
Will indicate that the search results should return facet information for the given field.
Public methodFilterByAncestors
Filters the results, so only entity tokens that have at least one of the given entity tokens as an ancestor, will be returned. This enables searching for the child elements in the console and searching for data that belongs to a specific website on frontend.
Public methodFilterByDataTypes
Filters search results by data types.
Public methodFilterByUser
Filtering search results to which the given user does not have read access permission.
Public methodShowOnlyDocumentsWithUrls
Only documents that have the Url property set should be returned.


Public propertyCultureInfo
The culture in which the search is performed
Public propertyFacets
Facets to be returned.
Public propertyHighlightSettings
Highlight settings.
Public propertyMaxDocumentsNumber
Maximum amount of documents returned.
Public propertyQuery
The query text
Public propertySearchResultOffset
To be used for pagination - number for the first page from the result set to be returned.
Public propertySelection
To be used to filter results by facet field values.
Public propertySortOptions
Sort options.

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