The FunctionParameterAttribute type exposes the following members.


Public methodFunctionParameterAttribute
Describe a function parameter for use in the C1 Function system.


Public methodGetWidgetFunctionProvider
Gets the widget markup


Public propertyDefaultValue
Optional. Default value that should be assigned to the parameter if not specified by the caller. You can use 'null' for complex objects that can not be expressed in attribute code and the check for null in the code.
Public propertyHasDefaultValue
Indicate if this parameter definition has a default value or not.
Public propertyHasHelp
Indicate if Help is defined for this attribute.
Public propertyHasLabel
Indicate if Label is defined for this attribute.
Public propertyHasName
Indicate if Name is defined for this attribute.
Public propertyHasWidgetMarkup
Indicate if WidgetMarkup is defined for this attribute.
Public propertyHelp
Human readable help for this parameter
Public propertyHideInSimpleView
Allows to hide the parameter in the "simple view" mode of function call editing. Will be ignored is the field is requires and does not have a value or a default value.
Public propertyLabel
Human readable label for this parameter
Public propertyName
The name of the function parameter being described. This should match the parameter name in the method.
Public propertyWidgetFactoryClass
Gets or sets the widget factory class.
Public propertyWidgetFactoryMethod
Gets or sets the widget factory method.
Public propertyWidgetFunctionName
Gets or sets the name of the widget function.
Public propertyWidgetMarkup
Set this property to control the form input field used to set the parameters value.

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