The PageNode type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetPageIds
Return the Page Id's that is with the SitemapScope of this page-
Public methodGetPageNodes
Returns PageNode elements that is with the SitemapScope of this page-
Public methodToString
Serialize the page specific state to a string for reading.
(Overrides Object..::..ToString()()()().)


Public propertyChangedDate
The time the page was changed last
Public propertyChildPages
Returns PageNode elements that represent the immediate children of this page.
Public propertyDescription
The Description of the page
Public propertyId
The Id of the page
Public propertyLevel
The level this page is placed at in the sitemap. Level 1 is a homepage, level 2 are children of the homepage and so on.
Public propertyMenuTitle
The Menu Title of the page
Public propertyParentPage
Returns the parent PageNode.
Public propertySitemapXml
XML representing the page and it's decendants. Do NOT modify this structure. To do modifications, clone this first.
Public propertyTitle
The Title of the page
Public propertyUrl
Url to this page.

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