The ForeignKeyAttribute type exposes the following members.


Public methodForeignKeyAttribute(String)
Only use this constructor for types that are registred with the DynamicTypeManager. Primary key field is infered.
Public methodForeignKeyAttribute(Type, String)
Tell the system that this data property is a reference (foreign key) to another IData.


Public propertyAllowCascadeDeletes
If the "parent" data is deleted and this is set to true, then the data that refer to the parent is also deleted.
Public propertyNullableString
Use this if non-reference is allowed with strings foreign keys
Public propertyNullReferenceValue
This value is used when foreign key integrity is performed. If this is not set, the data that the foreign key is pointing to must always exists.
Public propertyNullReferenceValueType
The NullReferenceValue will be converted to the the type specifed with the property

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