The CodeGenerationManager type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberAddAssemblyCodeProvider
Use this method to add a ICodeProvider implementation that will be used when (and only) generating the final Composite.Generated.dll.
Public methodStatic memberCompileRuntimeTempTypes
This method will compile the type defined in codeGenerationBuilder and return the result types. These types exists in a temp assembly, that will be deleted when the app domain is terminated.
Public methodStatic memberGenerateCompositeGeneratedAssembly
This method will recompile Composite.Generated.dll and drop it into bin.
Public methodStatic memberGetCompiledType
Gets the compiled types.
Public methodStatic memberIsCompiledAtRuntime
This method returns true if the given type type is compiled at runetime. Otherwise false.
Public methodStatic memberIsRecompileNeeded
This method returns true if the types given by dependingTypes needs a recompile because they either is null or the type given by dependableType has changed and there for exists in a compiled at runtime assembly.


Public propertyStatic memberSuppressGeneration
If set to true, /Bin/Composite.Generated.dll won't be overwritten on shutdown

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